”All I want to do is...”

  • Connect

    Connect to instrumentation


    • Auto Configuration - no tags to define
    • Instrument Views
    • Predefined access to all instrument parameters
    • No total tag limit

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  • Record

    Record Data

    • Logging
    • Log Reports
    • Historical Replay
    • Event Based Logging
    • Alarm / Event Monitoring
    • Batch Data / Batch Tags/ Batch Numbers

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  • Operate

    Operate my system

    • HMI
    • Passwords
    • Recipe
    • Touch Screen
    • Trend Charts
    • Bar Charts
    • Values
    • Active-X graphics

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  • Analyze

    Analyze my data

    • Event Recording
    • Visual Feedback
    • Integrate data from several sources
    • Performance

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  • Network


    • Ethernet, Internet, Modem connections
    • Multiple operator stations
    • Secure remote access
    • Each user operates Independently
    • Simultaneous remote user

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Current version of SpecView is 3.1.218, download here.

March 10th 2021 - Microsoft introduce printing bug / crash that affects SpecView. See HERE for fix.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Update - SpecView staff are safe and working from home, full support is available. Physical license shipments may be delayed due to carrier-imposed delivery delays - soft licenses are available for immediate delivery. Stay Safe!

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