Notes about installing Version 3 on Windows XP:

The installer we use to install SpecView is ‘Installshield’.  The Installshield installer will no longer run on Windows XP due to some changes Installshield made in their product.

If you do NOT have SpecView Version 3 installed already on the Windows XP computer then SpecView version 3 cannot be installed on this old XP computer.  You will need to get a more up-to-date Operating System to install Version 3.

If you already have a previous build of SpecView Version 3 installed on your XP computer then proceed as below:

- Since the Installshield Installer will no longer run on Windows XP, we have prepared a special Patch file that can be unzipped in the existing SV3 folder to overwrite the older installation with the new files.
- Download the Patch ZIP file linked below and open it
- Copy the files from the Patch ZIP and paste them into the the existing SpecView main folder - this is usually C:\SV3 but could be somewhere else.  The computer should prompt you to overwrite the files - this is OK. If it does not prompt you to overwrite the files then you are likely copying the files to the wrong place. Please check carefully.

Patch File:    42.6 MB (44,754,789 bytes) Jan 14th, 2024

MD5:  dfb55df746d6f6a78ceea63a03ce68a0
SHA256:  3884bae12e4da10563caf32e40531a2623b65f4ffd4e8c9e2fecf9a4717307c7

If you have any questions about the procedure above, then please ask by eMail or phone.


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