Data Logging is a standard feature in SpecView.

  • Log any item (time, date, numbers, text etc)
  • Log at any rate from 1 second upwards

Log Reports

Convert the logged data into a CSV Excel(tm) compatible text file.

  • Include some or all data items in any order
  • Specify time span of report
  • Use Batch Tag feature to generate reports for just the batch data

Log reports maybe created automatically using SpecView’s Strategy Controller option.

Historical Replay (Option)

‘Video’ replay of whole screen at selectable ‘Fast Forward’ rates.

Any screen may be replayed from logged data. The screen redraws exactly as it looked when the data was recorded.

  • Print the replayed screen for process summary
  • Use in conjunction with Event recording to analyse and troubleshoot your process
  • Use Batch Tag feature to replay just the period of the process, with automatic trend chart scaling

Event Based Logging

Output data to text file based on event rather than time using Strategy Controller ‘Line Writer’

  • Build custom layout summary reports, such as ‘Clipboard Reports’.
  • Record process parameters based on operator actions, alarms, process conditions etc
  • Allows 1/10th second logging resolution

Alarm / Event Monitoring

Alarms and Events are automatically recorded and timestamped.

  • Alarm timestamp includes occurrence, acknowledgment and clearing
  • New Alarm / Any Alarm status for easy notification
  • Send EMail / SMS, or Dial pager using Strategy Controller
  • Record all (or selected) operator actions in the Event recorder, such as parameter changes, recipe downloads and process start/stop/abort.

Batch Tags

SpecView timestamps the start and stop times of selected Batches.

  • Batch Tag may be a combination of several fields based around ‘Batch Numbers’ (including text)
  • Find any batch by Batch Number (whole or part) or by time processed using searchable database of Batch Numbers/IDs
  • Batches can be started manually or automatically using Strategy Controller
  • Replay Data by Batch using Historical Replay
  • Produce batch data reports quickly

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