SpecView System Requirements

SpecView runs on the following Windows operating systems:

Note that SpecView does not work on Windows 8 RT (as found on some early Microsoft Surface tablets).

SpecView requires a minimum of:

** Note that SV3_32 can only access 4GB RAM regardless of how much is installed. SV3_64 can access all available RAM if needed. This is a Windows Operating system limitation.
Ideal System:

Essentially, anything that runs MS Word and MS Excel quickly will be OK for SpecView.  For heavily loaded systems with lots of comms, lots of screens and lots of Strategy Controller, it is recommended to get the fastest PC possible with 8GB RAM.

We have no plans for Macintosh, Linux, Palm-OS or Windows CE at present.

SpecView may be configured to on a Virtual PC - such as Hyper-V or VM-Ware but there are some considerations to be taken into account for licensing, so please call us first.

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