SpecView software supports the following range of Allen Bradley devices:

Click <<<here>>> to download the Help file for this range of instruments (via FTP site TechNotes folder)

If you have an instrument that you do not see in the list, please contact SpecView

SpecView talks natively to AB PLCs using DF1 protocol only in a point-to-point configuration.

SpecView can also talk through the AB RSLINX OPC Server using SpecView’s OPC Client option

Using the native DF1 protocol we have access to the follwoing types of data inside the PLC:

  • SLC500 Binary
  • SLC500 Control
  • SLC500 Counter
  • SLC500 CPU Processor
  • SLC500 Float
  • SLC500 Input
  • SLC500 Integer
  • SLC500 Output
  • SLC500 Status
  • SLC500 Timer

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