Technical Support

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If you encounter a problem with SpecView, in the first instance please contact your SpecView distributor.


The latest version of SpecView can be downloaded free-of-charge from our website

for 2 years from the date of purchase. However, if SpecView was originally purchased over 2 years ago, then there will be a charge for the update. Please contact your SpecView supplier.


Please also check the Frequently Asked Questions section of this Help.


However, if you need to contact SpecView's Technical Support then use one of the following:

Electronic Support e-mail and Internet
Telephone Support in The Americas and the Far East
Telephone support in the UK
Telephone support in Europe and the rest of the World


Please quote the version number of SpecView that you are using, this can be found by using the About SpecView menu command on the Help menu. Please give both the version number & the 3-digit build number.


If you have purchased SpecView, then please also give the Serial Number of your dongle.

The Serial Number can be found either on the printed label attached to the dongle, or by using the Registration Information menu command on the Help menu.


If you have problems with a specific Project, it is most helpful if the entire problem Project folder is saved to a single file and attached to an e-mail message. This can be done using the Archive/Restore button. This will allow our Technical Support team to run exactly what you are running.


You may also be asked to click the Technical Information button on the About SpecView box (by using the About SpecView menu command on the Help menu) to provide further details on your specific installation.



Document control: SpecView User Manual for Version 3.1 - Revision: 31.144