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Privacy Notice



Introduction to SpecView

Minimum Requirements for running SpecView

How to use the Help/Manual


Licensing in SpecView:


 Demo Mode

 Comparison of USB Dongle with Soft License

 Soft License

         Installation Code


         Check In - this is done every 12 months to keep the license current.

         Move License to Another Computer

         Re-activation - after moving a license to another computer or other hardware change.

         Replacing Licenses - applicable if the computer has failed.

         Soft License Errors

 Upgrading and Updating

         Upgrading License

                 Upgrading License Step-by-Step

         Updating SpecView

 Hardware License (USB Dongles)

 Soft Dongles (Old Style) - these are no longer supplied, but are still supported.

 Evaluation Version

 Update Subscription

 Runtime-Only Dongle

 End User License Agreement