Introduction to SpecView

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SpecView is SCADA software. SCADA stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition.

SpecView is used as industrial control system software to monitor and control industrial processes.


Industrial processes include manufacturing, production, power generation, fabrication, refining. etc.

These processes may run in continuous or batch modes.


SpecView makes it easy to use a PC with control and monitoring instrumentation, allowing you to setup:

Data Logging

Graphical User Interface tools (GUI/HMI)

Recipe System

Batch Tags




SpecView has the following dongle options:

Multiport - Allows SpecView to be connected to potentially 1000’s of different instruments, or increase the data rate on large systems

Historical Replay - ‘Video’ review of logged data

Strategy Controller - Automation of SpecView

DDE - Add your own complex functionality

Remote Users - Use SpecView from 'down the hall' to 'around the world'

OPC - Connect to any OPC Server

ActiveX - Use graphical objects to speed up screen design or use complex controls to perform specific tasks

Runtime-only - No access to Edit Mode - great for turnkey systems

Non-standard Driver - Some SpecView drivers are a chargeable option

Mini version - Restricted to two Instrument Views - which could be 2 simple measurement instruments or may be a single programmable controller with separate Instrument Views for the programmer module and the controller module. A multi-loop controller can have many Instrument Views, one for each loop. The full version of SpecView is not limited to the number of Instrument Views or the number of parameters/variables.


If SpecView is run without a dongle (copy protection key) then it can be run in either Demo mode or Remote mode.

When used in Demo mode there is a 10 minute limit on communications in each Runtime session.  This timer is reset each time the user enters Edit Mode and returns to Runtime Mode.  It is not necessary to restart either SpecView or the computer.  No save functions are disabled.

Licensing in SpecView


SpecView may be downloaded from the SpecView web site:

However, it is important to check the Free Updates until date on the dongle. This can be seen from the About SpecView menu command on the Help menu.


It is possible to add options to SpecView by upgrading the license.  This can be done remotely - there is no need to send the dongle to SpecView.

For more details on these options see the 'What To Buy' page of our website.


There are now both 32bit and 64bit versions of SpecView. In general, it is recommended to run the 32-bit version. There is little, if any, performance advantage using the 64-bit version. Some options such as OPC servers and ActiveX controls may not run in the 64-bit version and drivers for some older instruments may not be available.




Minimum Requirements for running SpecView

Updating SpecView from a previous version

Upgrading SpecView to add additional options to a dongle